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Web Design

We are an expanding company with a team of experienced developers offering an effective web-based service solution, we focus on helping small and mid size businesses with restricted budgets compete on the same playing field as large corporations who dedicate thousands of dollars and entire departments.

Visualize your data

Add value to your business operations by visualizing Your Industry data. Discover patterns in your data that unveil trends and reveal unexpected insights. Transform your raw data into meaningful and comprehensive information by generating Charts, Graphs and Pivot Tables.

Incorporate your customized graphs with your business website and articles. The Nielsen Norman Group proves that the average time a person spends on a webpage about 10-20 seconds. Data visualization with a clear value proposition will increase your website visitor attention beyond the average time.

You, your clients, and your potential investors won't come to the right decisions by skimming over pages of spreadsheets - we are here to provide the essential business intelligence tool that will help increase the value of your projects and operations.

Our Service

Custom Application

Build your custom application designed specifically for your business needs, including front-end, back-end and data-backup.

Executive Summary Dashboard

Transform your raw data into meaningful and comprehensive information by generating Charts, Graphs and Pivot Tables.


Manage your recipients lists, create and send your campaigns using email and SMS text messaging services.

Data Services

Backup your data. Take advantage of your data, and add subscription fees when sharing with third parties using API services.


BOOTSTRAP: Creating a website is not just to promote your business, it helps in creating brand awareness, gives a platform for people to interact, approach and discover as well. To market a product or service effectively, you should have a web page that is viewable in a variety of devices. In today’s world you have smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and an ongoing increase in the kind of devices and form factors. Hence to solve the issue of being able to view websites or content on all such devices effectively, we can use bootstrapping.

Some of our portfolio

Line Buzzer


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Buy Elissee

Collection of luxury furs, shearlings and cashmere coats created by Andrew Elissee

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Visiting AID

Home care visiting service provider software

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New Millenium

Home care visiting service agency (Internal)

Summary Dashboard

City Executive Summary Dashboard (Internal)

Our Packages

$900 /annually
Business Package I
  • Sub-domain
    (like: www.mydata.smartdatareport.com)
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Application (Up to 5 pages)
  • Pulling data from Google Fusion Table or Web-Services
  • WordPress blog site

  • NOTE: First payment is due before starting development.
$60 /hour
  • Coding
  • Data Backup
  • Server management

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